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Efterklang – Chapter 6 , live at c.sides Festival 2009

Festival Countdown! with Duprass

duprass will be joined by none other than multi-talented karni postel for a special c.sides show לקט של הצמד ‘דופרס’. אליהם תצטרף המוסיקאית המולטי-כשרונית קרני פוסטל במופע מיוחד

Counting down the days… today with: Nico Teen!

Counting down the days… today with: Marcin Czubala!

Yes! Yes! Yeeeeees!!!

Deep’a // Jackin’ (IL)

  Deep’a (Yaron Amor) is one of Israel’s promising young techno talents and a night life exquisite producer who has hosted ‘Jackin’, one of the finest lines of the past years . He is a resident DJ at the ‘Barzilay’ club, has already released a debut EP with musical partner Vek and has many future […]

Counting down the days… today with: Asi Mina!!

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!! They are coming so soon!

Counting down the days… today with: dOP!!!

OMG… we can’t wait!!!

Soussana // Pacotek (IL)

  Tsahi Soussana is a fundamental part of Israels underground techno scene and one half of Pacotek. He has been part of the legendary underground scene in Jerusalem in the 90’s organizing illegal squat parties and bringing fine music to the world. As a dj he always has a special perspective on music with a […]

Ido Govrin, Liora Belford, Karni Postel // Interval Recordings (IL)

  Duprass are Liora Belford (Video) and Ido Govrin (Sound) in a special show together with acclaimed musician and cellist, Karni Postel. Duprass’ creation of art (audio-visual works, mixed media installations and live performances) is strongly leaning to the aesthetics of minimalism, abstraction, restrained gestures and compassion. Postel has been musically active in everything from […]

Yair Etziony & Kapi // Spekk, False Ind. (IL)

  Yair Etziony, is a composer and producer and has been a key member of the Israeli electronic music scene for many years, being one of the driving forces behind the ‘Micropeople’ and ‘Exercise’ collectives. Yair will perform a live set from his new Vermont works, which is an abstraction of techno music, filled with […]